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Blog posts February 2018

The Scandal of "O".

Flipping the channels the other day, the discussion arose about premium television and the fate of some shows we watched, the conversation turned to Sesame Street.   This groundbreaking show continues despite funding issues, but now premiers new episodes on HBO.  Nine months later…

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Tree hell

When we think of trees, most times what come to mind is something like this:

It's green, serene and not at all unsettling.  I grew up with trees like this.  Some had acorns, some had pine leaves and pine cones, some had flowers.  Even when they were sick, …

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This New Blog Thing

I know. I'm late to the game. Everyone and their house plants have a blog these days. But screw it. I need as much exposure as possible.

So I've counted this week. Including the six rejections I received, I think six people have read my short stories. I figure at this rate, maybe one hundred peop…

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