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A while back, when I lived in the DC area, I complained about the aggressive and douchebag-like driving technics of those around me. Since then, I have moved and for a while everything was fine. My commute was a brief eight minute drive through suburban streets. It was a pleasure to drive in the mornings.

However, I changed jobs and started commuting thirtyish minutes downtown, where the style of driving mimicked that of the DC beltway. I bring you my whining about shittier, asshat drivers.

So here we see a road. The right lane has been clearly marked as being a right turn only lane. Signs have been posted several blocks back, informing drivers of this impending condition. It is not a surprise. However, since traffic slows down in this spot due to the road going from two lanes to one, people get impatient.
So somewhere back a block, despite seeing the signs stating this soon is about to become a right turn only lane, fuckers get into the lane to pass all the traffic.
Then upon seeing that they are being forced to make a right turn, they cock-block the person next to them, cutting the off, causing them to stop and create more traffic delays. 
So the whole thing is a loop. Traffic is slowed down by impatient fucktards whose action create the very situation they are trying to avoid. If they just waited the minute, traffic would move and nobody would be inconvenienced. But they think they are too special to wait, so they jack up everyone else's day. Screw these bastards. We should be allowed to smack repeat offenders.  I get missing it once but freaking every single day?  No.  I say zero-tolerance to jerkface drivers.  Enough is enough.


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