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The Scandal of "O".

Flipping the channels the other day, the discussion arose about premium television and the fate of some shows we watched, the conversation turned to Sesame Street.   This groundbreaking show continues despite funding issues, but now premiers new episodes on HBO.  Nine months later the shows appear on PBS.  Setting aside the fact that the show has been shortened to 30 minutes and the obvious "updates" to the format, I can't see any downside to the arrangement.   Nobody is going to be forced to avoid overhearing Sesame Street spoilers.  I mean, it's not like you will be waiting a year to find out what happened to the letter "O". 

Hey, did you here did you hear about the "O" drama?  That guy is such a diva.  He thinks he is a rock star or something.

I heard that O was caught off set with P in a comprising position.

I heard they found O passed out after the cast party in a pool of piss, crap, and puke.











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