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A while back, when I lived in the DC area, I complained about the aggressive and douchebag-like driving technics of those around me. Since then, I have moved and for a while everything was fine. My commute was a brief eight minute drive through suburban streets. It was a pleasure to dr…

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Flashback: Your Crappy Network


Flashback: Jor-El

Flashback: Older than Dirt


The other day I was blindsided by the marketing industry.  It seems that I have reached the milestone that one apparently needs to achieve to be marketed to as an old person.  I was greeted by this lovely catalog in my mailbox. 

I am taking this opportunity to critique this before th…

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Flashback: Craigslist


Okay, so I am revisiting the whole Craigslist topic.  In the past, we've explored people selling broken crap like it's new; unreasonable demands for free stuff and various other displays of twisted human behavior.  Since Craigslist is an ever-renewable display of human c…

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Flashback: Daily Beatings

Flashback: Tax Quest 2017

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